Conway The Machine & Hit-Boy Connect For Some Heat

Though he’s been active for a minute now, many are only starting to realize that Conway The Machine is one of the game’s best lyricists, as further evidenced by his recent Alchemist-produced LULU EP. And while the Griselda rapper has indeed unveiled his plans to step away from the mic, The Machine has no intentions of going out quietly. With three more albums already mapped out, Conway has been taking to Instagram Live to preview a few upcoming drops — prompting Hit-Boy to further stoke the flames of hype.

 Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images

In response to a fan singling out a particularly hard-hitting Machine banger, Hit-Boy confirmed that the pair have more than a few bombs on the horizon. And while this is purely speculation, the Hit-Boy produced song Conway previewed seemed to indicate that it stemmed from his “first album,” which points to its inclusion on God Don’t Make Mistakes. The spooky banger is the perfect backdrop for Conway to snap, and given the intensity with which he attacks the beat, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this being the introduction to whatever comes next. 

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