Shaq Spends Quarantine With Mystery Lady Friend

There isn’t much fun to be had these days considering we are all locked up in our homes, looking for something to do to pass the time until we are allowed outside again. The Coronavirus has forced all of us into quarantine and if you’re all alone, it can be quite difficult. Well, it appears as though Shaq has found himself someone to spend the time with, which is pretty key these days.

In an Instagram photo shared by The Neighborhood Tak, Shaq can be seen cupping the chest of a petite mystery woman who is taking a mirror selfie with him in the bathroom. Based on the nature of the photo, it can be assumed that this is someone Shaq has been seeing over the last little while.

Shaq has been up to quite a bit during the quarantine, especially when it pertains to his sons. Recently, he took to Instagram with a DJ party in his kitchen…

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