Summer Walker Goes Nude From The Waist Down On The 'Gram

Summer Walker had her followers doing a major double take after she posted a mirror selfie video on her burner account wearing absolutely nothing on her bottom half. When Summer wants to share something that’s a little too provocative (or a little too controversial) for her verified, main Instagram account, she takes to her burner (or “finsta”) account on Instagram under the username @galactawhore. Although the account is public and has racked up nearly 400,000 followers, Summer does not hold back on her alternate platform, which apparently includes going full Winnie the Pooh. On Wednesday, the Over It artist filmed herself in her bathroom mirror, rocking a white T-shirt and absolutely nothing else.

The clip begins with Summer posing in the mirror, using a yellow got2b bottle to strategically cover certain parts that Instagram won’t let you show. She starts zooming in and out on her face before flipping off the camera, declaring, “This is how I feel when my nails aren’t f*cking done!” She proceeds to make a frustrated face to further demonstrate how her lack of a fresh manicure makes her feel, saying, “that’s how I feel, okay, look.” Summer finishes with an exasperated laugh, making zero acknowledgement of her pants-less state.

Summer Walker nude full frontal...

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