Roddy Ricch Still Repping Crip During Quarantine

Roddy Ricch is making sure to stay protected everywhere he goes. He doesn’t want to risk coming into contact with the deadly coronavirus and, if he’s asymptomatic, he wants to ensure he doesn’t pass it on to anybody that could be at-risk.

The Compton rapper is having the best year of his career thus far but, unfortunately, he’s not able to fully enjoy the attention. If we were allowed outside, Roddy Ricch would likely be selling out concerts based solely on the viral success of his song “The Box” and his album Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial. Unfortunately, that’s not our reality. However, he is still making sure to stay true to who he is when he steps out to cop some essential goods (AKA food and toilet paper).

Roddy Ricch
Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Sharing a photo of himself at the corner store, Roddy Ricch made sure he was still representing Crip colors as he covered his face with a blue bandana, protecting himself and looking stylish while doing so. He also promoted social distancing, staying two meters away from the shop employee and giving his own version of a “thanks” for remaining…

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