Prison Inmate Shares Desperate COVID-19 Video

As the peak nears in the United States with regards to the novel coronavirus, prison inmates continue to fear for their lives as social distancing is damn-near impossible in most federal correctional facilities. A new video, filmed by an unidentified inmate, details his experience in prison, witnessing so many people getting infected by and dying from COVID-19. He showed the world what’s really happening behind bars.

“This shit fucking crazy, bro. These n***as in here are literally laying and dying, bro,” said the inmate before explaining the Care Act, a law that facilitates the compassionate release of non-gang members, non-sexual offenders, and people who are not on death row. If you’re at risk of catching COVID-19, home confinement has been made an option. However, this inmate says that they’ll just laugh at you if you try and apply for it.

Prison coronavirus
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The inmate is wearing a mask to protect himself, but he is placed in the same cell as somebody who is showing clear symptoms of coronavirus. He claims that inmates are being infected by the dozen and many of them have already died. According to him, he was told by a nurse that half of their inmate population would die from this.

“This bitch told me to be prepared because half the unit about to die in this bitch,” he said. “He literally told me that. They put the tent…

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