Flavor Flav Merch Being Sold By Baby Mama To Help Take Care Of Son

Aside from the hoax-non-hoax drama that Flavor Flav has going on with his Public Enemy groupmates, he’s also dealing with some issues with his latest baby mama. In October 2019, news surfaced that a woman named Kate Gammell had filed a paternity lawsuit against the 60-year-old rapper. For years, Kate reportedly worked as Chuck D’s assistant before later working with Flav, helping to book appearances and sell his apparel.

A DNA test reportedly confirmed that Kate’s newborn son Jordan was indeed the latest Flavor Flav seed—it’s rumored that the music icon has seven children. However, Kate recently made claims that Flav hasn’t acted financially responsible for his child. Kate shared photos and videos of Baby Jordan on her Instagram page with a lengthy caption asking for people to purchase Flavor Flav merchandise to help her take care of her son.

“Here is my son, Jordan, sitting surrounded by official Flavor Flav merchandise,” Kate wrote. “Jordan is Flav’s son. I used to manage Flav but no longer do due to the obvious reason. I bought tons of merchandise when I was his manager and now I need money for my son’s everyday needs because I am not getting any child support, so decided to pull out all the merch and sell it to you.”

She added that she’s selling off the merchandise “at a discount rate” before sharing that a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to a children’s hospital. Check out her message in full below and see more photos of Baby Jordan.

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