Jeannie Mai Can't Wait To "Spend The Rest Of [Her] Life Loving" Jeezy

It’s obvious that Jeannie Mai and Jeezy are thrilled to start a new chapter in their relationship. The COVID-19 quarantine may feel as if it’s a neverending disaster for millions of people, but Jeezy and Jeannie shared a bit of sunshine with their friends and family. The pair announced their engagement on Monday (April 6) with details of how the proposal was supposed to go down.

Jeannie Mai, Jeezy, Engaged
Cindy Ord / Staff / Getty Images

“Jeannie and Jay were set for a trip to Vietnam this April. What Jeannie didn’t know is that Jay was planning to propose,” Jeannie’s representatives told PEOPLE. “Instead, Jay decided to bring Vietnam to Jeannie with a surprise quarantine date night in his home filled with Vietnamese food and decor.”

Later, Jeannie Mai shared her enthusiasm in a caption to a photo of herself and Jeezy enjoying a beach sunset. “I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life loving you….YES????????,” she wrote. “Thank you, everyone, for celebrating this journey with us. We are praying love over everyone from here.” 

Famous friends offered…

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