Steph Curry Hilariously Learns How To Vlog, From Kevin Hart

Steph Curry is primarily known as one of the best shooters in the history of the NBA although as it turns out, he also likes to get involved with media ventures. He launched his own game show and now, he is looking to add to his portfolio with some content on his YouTube channel. Prior to the Coronavirus quarantine measures, Curry filmed a vlog alongside Kevin Hart, which dropped earlier today.

In the vlog, it is pretty clear that Curry is in way over his head although Hart is right there with him to show him what to do. The results are pretty hilarious as Hart barks orders at Curry who is clearly out of his element. By the end of the vlog, Curry seems to get the hang of it but he is clearly traumatized from being with Hart all day.

As Curry explains, he wanted to release the vlog to give his fans some content and, better yet, some laughs during…

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