Ari Lennox Shares Hateful DM Following Snoop Dogg Post

Yesterday, Ari Lennox found herself on the receiving end of some scathing Snoop Dogg commentary, which ultimately served to spark a social discourse. Though Lennox ultimately laughed it off with a playful clap-back at her “Uncle’s” expense, the damage was already done. The court of public opinion found themselves taking issue with Lennox’s response, with some particularly hateful individuals sliding into her DMs to voice their displeasure. 

Ari Lennox Snoop Dogg

Ryan Theriot/Getty Images

For some context, the crux of the criticism seemed to arise as a response to Ari’s recent teardown of Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King, a rant that ultimately left her taking a step back from social media for a while. Today, Lennox took to Instagram to share a screenshot of a hater’s scorn, in which she is deemed a hypocrite and a “clown” for targeting black women while letting black men slide without a hitch. 

“Y’all want to know why I respond,” she captions, alongside the message that incited her displeasure. “He woke up the evil soulless hoteps hoteptresses. How do y’all have so much hate. This is literally all y’all do with your…

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