Instagram Gallery: Apryl Jones' Most Sultry Pics

Between stirring up drama on Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood and working her way through B2K, Apryl Jones is no stranger to seeing her personal life plastered across the headlines. After having two kids with Omarion, Apryl Jones made waves by sending out some serious Yoko Ono vibes and linking up with Omarion’s B2K bandmate Lil Fizz. While the court of public opinion firmly called out Jones and Fizz for acting like clowns and clout chasing, Jones remained unbothered and even hopped on social media to defend her decision to link up with her baby daddy’s bandmate. 

“Why y’all so mad? I’m getting the dick I want,” argued Jones, defending her decision. “I love it, oh my God. It’s the best dick of my life. It really, genuinely is. I can’t really be mad. I can’t not be happy because I think that the happiness comes from being happy and y’all trying to really make me mad, but I don’t know how to be mad. I’m not a mad person.”

Despite Jones praising Fizz’s ability between the sheets, the two soon went their separate ways following a flurry of cheating accusations on social media. Now single and proud of it, Jones has been on the ‘Gram more than ever posting thirst traps for her 2.9 million followers. 

For the steamiest uploads of the reality star, check out the gallery below. 

Beach Ready 

Clearly, Jones isn’t afraid to show a lot of cleavage. 

Plump It Up 

According to Jones, she’s nothing but all-natural. 

All Red 

Jones has the body to rock a #NoFilter string bathing suit. 

Mirror Pic 

“Tell me how you really feel…,” captions Jones alongside of a mirror boomerang of her backside. 

Side Boob 

No shirt? No problem. 

All Natural 

“Kiss my cellulite,” captions Jones, unashamed of her natural appeal. 


Jones wants the haters to know that she works hard, day in and day out for the curves…

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