"Tiger King" Stars Are Upset With Their Portrayal In Netflix Doc

Clearly just one Tiger King story would not suffice today. No, we need to bring you all the Tiger King-related news. If you haven’t seen the documentary on Netflix yet, but you’re home 24/7, well, we’re not sure what you’re doing with your life. Also, proceed with caution if that’s the case as there might be spoilers ahead.

The 7-part documentary series explores the twisted and unbelievable story of tiger and other big cat owners, among them, Joe Exotic, Doc Antle and Carole Baskin. Baskin positions herself to be above the fold, with her mission seemingly to rescue big cats from people like Joe Exotic and Doc Antle, however, it’s worth noting that each has their own unique zoo-like set-up for these big cats.

Carole Baskin has more than just an ongoing beef with Joe Exotic, in the documentary series she’s exposed for her vicious, cut-throat legal ways and as well, the all-too-likely possibility that she may have, allegedly, killed her husband. Joe Exotic claims she fed him to her tigers. Yeah, you need to watch this doc.

Tiger King carole baskin doc antle

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

Baskin of course, is now speaking out against the doc, upset at her portrayal. The same can be said of Doc Antle, who spoke out on Instagram yesterday as well. Doc, for his quirky parts, has a haram of wives who live with him on his massive Mrytle Beach property– women he’s seemingly “groomed” for the job since they were 17 (give or take), and whose names he changes, etc, you get the idea, it’s a bit cult-y. Thus, he was upset.

Antle’s Instagram post, funnily enough, is worded as such: “We are very disappointed that our facility was mentioned in the new Netflix series.” He clearly is actively participating in the documentary, giving interviews and showing off his property — it’s a bit more than a simple “mention.” He continues, “We can only assume it is because Doc Antle has been such a high profile wildlife personality for so many decades that his association would create more buzz. It is important to understand that this series is not a documentary; it’s sensationalized entertainment with paid participants.”

Carole Baskin, on her Big Cat Rescue Instagram page, stated: “Big Cat Rescue worked with the directors of Tiger King in good faith & its sensationalism is extremely disappointing.” She elaborated further on the company’s website, mentioning the death/disappearance of her husband as well: “There are not words for how disappointing it is to see that the docuseries not only does not do any of that, but has had the sole goal of being as salacious and sensational as possible to draw viewers. As part of that, it…

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