French Montana Wants Young Chop To "Go Back To The Madhouse"

French Montana was among the rappers Young Chop claimed weren’t ’bout that life after Gillie Da King asked him, “Who’s the scariest tough guy [in the rap game]?” This was a shocking claim seeing as how several of the rappers he listed were artists that he worked with in the past. Meek immediately issued a public response saying it was “obvious Chop having some mental issues.”

French echoed the same video in a separate response to Chop where he told the producer to go back to the “madhouse.” Announcing that he was working on Coke Boys 5 in Atlanta with Lil Durk, French alleged Durk confirmed was going through some mental health problems.

“Chop come out of nowhere talkin’ ’bout him and Drake would make a cute couple. I busted out laughing. Durk was like, ‘Nah, you know. Dawg really lost it,'” French said. He added that the media should stop covering the things he says until the Coronavirus pandemic dies down and “he can check back in the madhouse.”

His tone did get more sympathetic towards the end of the video as he asked Chop to…

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