Summer Walker & London Clowned Viciously In Comments

Summer Walker and London On Da Track have a long way to go if they want to earn the respect of trolls nationwide. With even more time on their hands than before, the gossip fiends were cruising through Instagram before coming across London On Da Track’s request for validation. “Name a better music duo,” asked the producer, posting a since-deleted photo of himself and his girlfriend Summer Walker. That’s all the clowns needed to go off on the pair of talented artists, dropping chuckle-worthy responses for days.

“Ike and Tina,” wrote one fan. “Nicki and Safaree,” said another. “Bert and Ernie,” joked another, bringing our innocent friends over at Sesame Street into this ordeal. Clearly, London On Da Track was not expecting this level of disrespect. If he were, he likely would never have posted it.

Summer Walker London
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Summer Walker and London On Da Track have been a hub for trolls to live through, bashing them on every occasion possible. This weekend, a video of the two went viral with fans concerned for the singer’s safety after London placed his hand around her throat. They have since responded to that backlash…

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