Josh Hart Clowned By Donovan Mitchell & De'Aaron Fox On Twitch

Josh Hart has been the subject of a lot of memes over the last couple of years. Of course, he is known as the guy who constantly gets left hanging by all of his teammates. Whether he is on the Los Angeles Lakers or the New Orleans Pelicans, he is constantly being dissed up by his teammates, although at this point, it’s become one huge inside joke.

Recently, Hart was streaming video games on Twitch along with Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz and De’Aaron Fox of the Sacramento Kings. At one point, Hart noted that Fox is the only player keeping Kings fans engaged and that one day he will bring them back to the glory days. That’s when Fox noted to Mitchell that Hart has never made the playoffs before which led to a hilarious exchange.

Hart took it all in stride as he claimed the team would be able to get there, next…

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