Idris Elba Drops Bars On Track He Created While Quarantined

Creatives are cooking up ways to pass the time during this worldwide quarantine, and Idris Elba has apparently been in the booth. Days ago, the award-winning actor revealed that he’d tested positive for COVID-19 and wasn’t exhibiting any of the listed symptoms. Since that time, Idris has been quarantined at home. On Thursday (March 20), he shared some new music on his Instagram page where he references his current state of affairs.

Idris Elba, Coronavirus, COVID-19
Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images

“I guess it’s time to do a direct talk,” he says in the clip before dropping bars about being separated due to his coronavirus diagnosis. “Feels appropriate, I guess. Yeah, sittin’ in the spare room quarantined, you know what I mean? Just letting out some thoughts.” Then, he raps, “This ain’t a dream / This ain’t a movie or a scene / This ain’t a character I get to pay and then I walk away / This is the real f*cking thing / And every word that I say ain’t a line / It’s really mine / The tears ain’t makeup / I couldn’t make this up / I ain’t lying / My leading lady is really my wife / She ain’t a stunt woman but she really risking her life.”

“The long road 2. Creating is living right now. Music therapy,” Idris Elba wrote in the caption. Listen to what the actor has been working on below as he keeps himself isolated during this COVID-19 pandemic.

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