Nick Cannon Admits To Jealousy Over Amara La Negra Boyfriend News

The friendship between Nick Cannon and Amara La Negra is real, but once upon a time, they could have cooked up something more. The Love & Hip Hop Miami star stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings and chatted about her career, but when Nick asked about her love life, she turned the tables on the media mogul. For the last few months, rumors have circulated that Cannon is in a secret relationship with model Jasmine Saunders, aka Golden Barbie. Amara wanted to know his relationship status, and Cannon claimed that he’s a single man.

Nick Cannon, Amara La Negra
Jared Siskin / Stringer / Getty Images

Then, Nick Cannon revealed that when he watched clips of Love & Hip Hop Miami, he was “a little lowkey jealous” when he saw that Amara La Negra had a boyfriend. “It’s not like you didn’t have your opportunities, right?” Amara asked him. She joked, “I mean, don’t test me, ’cause I’ll take it there.” Cannon then said she was making him uncomfortable as he was “moving in my seat,” adding that he was really just moving forward to get closer to her. “Don’t test me,” she added.

Aside from the flirt session, the pair talked about Amara’s music plans,…

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