Lakers Receive Swift Coronavirus Testing Following Nets Game

Kevin Durant and three other players on the Brooklyn Nets tested positive for the Coronavirus this past week. It is believed they picked up the virus prior to the NBA shutdown which took place on Wednesday, March 11th. Now, numerous NBA teams are being tested, including the Los Angeles Lakers who played the Nets just a day earlier. In fact, players like LeBron James have been told to stay completely isolated so that they don’t spread the virus onto anyone else.

According to reporter Brad Turner, the Lakers underwent some vigorous testing on Wednesday as the vast majority of players were called to the team’s facility. This is when q-tips were forced up their noses in order to check for the virus.

The Lakers will only be getting their results on Friday which means players will have to sit and wait this one out. If anyone on the team has it, other teams the Lakers have played in the past two weeks will…

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