Max Kellerman Makes Sobering Prediction About NBA Season

Coronavirus has put the entire world on hold. Just a couple of months ago, the Coronavirus was something people weren’t taking seriously. It was a story that was taking place in another country. Now, it has spread over the entire world and drastic measures are being put into place to ensure everyone is safe, moving forward. Every single sports league in the world has been shut down until further notice which means sports fans are in a sad state of depression.

Through all of this, ESPN’s First Take has remained on the air and continues to get a healthy dose of viewers, especially with everyone quarantined. Today, Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith discussed the possibility of the NBA season coming back in June. In the clip below, Max Kellerman dismissed the idea and believes the NBA season will actually have to be canceled due to the virus.

Kellerman noted that the virus could continue to spread in waves and that the…

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