The Weeknd Continues To Build On "After Hours" Hype With Video Teaser

After Hours hasn’t even dropped and people are already entering it into the “Album of the Year” discussion. The Weeknd is set to release his highly-anticipated project this week, and the singer continues his rollout with yet another video shared on social media. The way The Weeknd has been preparing the world for After Hours seems like he’s readying a film more than an album, but the singles he’s delivered has proven that the hype around the record is justified.

The Weeknd After Hours
Joshua Blanchard / Stringer / Getty Images

In this latest clip, The Weeknd plays the part of his red-suited, battered and bruised character that seems as if he’s trying to pick up the pieces of a broken evening. Once again, The Weekend is seen speeding into the night with his high-powered luxury vehicle. While his recent music videos have shown bits and pieces of his character’s misadventure, the full scope of this storyline has yet to be told. We’ll just have to wait and see what The Weeknd has in store.

Meanwhile, the singer recently shared the tracklist for After Hours, so check that out along with his latest video teaser below.


1. “Alone Again”
2 “Too Late”
3. “Hardest to Love”
4. “Scared to Live”
5. “Snowchild”

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