Snoop Dogg Proves He Doesn't Have Coronavirus

The growing fear of the coronavirus pandemic is taking over the world, causing people to panic and buy all of the toilet paper from the supermarket. As we are being encouraged to practice social distancing and daily hygiene, self-tests are becoming more and more popular to determine if you have been infected with the virus. We would like to remind you that these tests are not legitimate, as people with the virus can show absolutely no signs of carrying it.

Snoop Dogg coronavirus
Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Snoop Dogg attempted to show the world that he has not contracted the coronavirus on Instagram, sharing a video of himself holding his breath for over ten seconds without coughing. With such a busy travel schedule, Dogg comes into contact with hundreds of strangers on a daily basis. Celebrities and politicians are very at risk of catching the illness. The Doggfather just wanted to put everyone’s minds at ease with a quick update, showing us all that he is not exhibiting any signs of the novel virus.

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