Kanye West Track "LA Monster" Leaks: Report

The lead-up to Kanye West’s most recent album Jesus Is King was as strange as most other project drops from the illustrious Chicago artist. Whenever he announces new music, you should already be envisioning how much of a shit-show things will become in the land of Ye-related news. Will the album actually drop on its scheduled date? Will the mix change in the days following its release? All of these things have happened in the past and they have prepared us for any future Kanye West album announcements. 

When Jesus Is King was initially announced, a number of songs were included on the tracklist shared by the artist’s wife, Kim Kardashian West. The Nicki Minaj-featured “New Body” was on the list and other cut, “LA Monster,” was parked at the sixth spot. The latter never appeared on the final version but, somehow, it reportedly appeared online over the weekend.

With the coronavirus quarantine in full effect, people have found themselves with more time on their hands and it’s possible that Kanye West’s files were compromised as a direct result. The full song for “LA Monster” has reportedly appeared online and, due to…

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