Instagram Gallery: Lizzo's Most Boss Ass Pics

Unapologetic and in-your-face about her deserved spot in the industry, Lizzo is more than ready to let her fans and haters alike know that she’s not stepping out of the spotlight anytime soon. Grinding in the industry since 2013, Lizzo is far from an overnight success considering her 2019 smash entrance into the mainstream came by way of her 2017 viral sleeper hit “Truth Hurts.” Despite the overwhelming acclaim for her uplifting lyricism, commitment to body positivity and unique onstage talents (when’s the last time you’ve seen someone bust it down with a flute in hand?) the Detroit-born hitmaker is not immune to barbs from detractors who say she doesn’t deserve the level of success she’s achieved. 

Creating a niche for herself as a hybrid pop artist in an industry often dominated by women who are neither her size nor her skin color, Lizzo has risen above the critics who label her as “too large” or “too performative,” by retorting that she is who she is, and she makes music for everybody. Transferring that same creative inclusivity to her refusal to conform to the body standards set by both her label mates and society at large, Lizzo is proud to show off her talents and her body in equal parts. 

“Hopefully by existing, there can just be more opportunities for people that look like me that are, you know, beyond what a trend is,” says Lizzo, hoping her message of self-love and body positivity creates a pathway for those who come after her. “And that they’re there on the merit of their talent. They’re there on the merit of their beauty. And they’re there because they’re good enough.”

For further proof that Lizzo is a self-confident HBIC who isn’t afraid of convention, check out her Instagram feed below. 


Lizzo isn’t afraid to #FreeTheNipple on the ‘Gram. 

Train Hard 

“I’m a bad bitch,” writes Lizzo alongside a video clip of a short training session. 

BET Awards 

Lizzo was the natural choice for BETs 2019 Entertainer of the Year.


If you’re “Thinkin bout tiddies,” Lizzo’s got you covered. 

Grammy Vibes 

Lizzo’s got that Big Grammy Energy. 

Started From The Bottom 

Lizzo is here to remind all of us of the importance of hard work and perseverance.