Daniel Radcliffe Jokes About False Coronavirus Diagnosis

English actor/producer, Daniel Radcliffe, recently revealed that he did not test positive for the coronavirus after a fake news account reported that he did contract the life-threatening illness. Following the success of playing one of the world’s most recognizable fictional book characters in Harry Potter, the 30-year-old thespian has been showing his range depicting a neo-nazi in Imperium (2016) and recently finding success in an anthology comedy television series entitled, Miracle Workers. Now, Radcliffe has to defend himself from his wrongful diagnosis of testing positive for COVID-19 in an impromptu radio interview. Daniel Radcliffe Jokes About False Coronavirus Diagnosis

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

According to The New York Post, a fake Twitter news account with the handle name, @BBCNewsTonight, a non-affiliate of the actual British news publication, released a statement claiming that the London-born actor did contract the COVID-19 virus. Unfortunately, the fake news spread like wildfire throughout the internet which eventually found its way back to Radcliffe who is currently working a play production set. 

Radcliffe was forced to break his silence about his wrongful diagnosis during a brief phone interview on the Australian radio show, Smallzy’s Surgery this past Wednesday, according to Entertainment Tonight. During the conversation, the actor turned political activist denied the claims that he had the coronavirus and even joked on himself about his peculiar aesthetic calling himself “ill-looking.” According to audio Radcliffe cleared the air about the hoax and even revealed the first time he heard about the rumor, stating:

“I walked into the hair and makeup room on a play yesterday, and the makeup artist was like, ‘My niece has just texted me and told me you’ve got corona.” Radcliffe continued bringing up the source of the rumor, “I think it was on a fake BBC account, but then enough people saw it… That is the internet.”

Radcliffe joked about his pale look,…

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