Peyton Manning Could Receive Massive Payday From ESPN

Tony Romo recently got the contract of a lifetime as CBS is now paying him over $17 million per year to be a color commentator on CBS. Romo has been heralded as one of the best analysts of all time thanks to his unique style that teaches people the game in a way that is easy and fun to understand. With this contract in mind, it looks like ESPN is trying to give something similar to none other than Peyton Manning.

The legendary QB retired all the way back in 2016 and fans have been wondering when he would get back in the booth. According to Pro Football Talk, he could be coming to the booth soon as ESPN wants to offer him $20 million per year. In fact, ESPN wants to make a trade with NBC so they can pair him with the broadcasting veteran, Al Michaels.

Peyton Manning

Ed Zurga/Getty Images

It remains to be seen of Manning will eventually sign with ESPN although it would be cool…

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