Lil Baby Puts In Work On Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

There’s an ongoing myth that the new generation of artists has abandoned the lost art of freestyle, but Lil Baby is looking to dispel that narrative with a new Funkmaster Flex freestyle. At this point, I have probably made some variation of the “Flex dines on bars for sustenance” joke in — quite possibly, the entirety of my Funk Flex-related repertoire. So in the honor of tradition, it’s dinner time. Though he’s not quite the archetypical radio freestyle emcee, Lil Baby has once again come through to prove the naysayers wrong.

Lil Baby My Turn Freestyle Funk Flex

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Last time we saw Lil Baby sit down for some Funkmaster Flex bars, it was November of 2018 — his edition was the 118th installment of the long-running segment. Though last time failed to deliver the “bars” Flex might have been so coveting, this time finds Baby in a more established and assertive state of mind. He’s currently one of the new school’s artistic trailblazers, and his recent My Turn album continues to earn both spins and acclaim. The mere fact he’s even willing to hold it down in the first place is worthy of respect — but how does he fare on this go-around?

Flow-wise, he’s absolutely deadly off the bat, navigating the chosen banger with confidence and swagger. Before long, he’s firing shots at his alleged mistress and baby mama alike — clearly the man had some things to…

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