G Herbo Opens Up About Losing Juice WRLD

Fresh off the release of his new album PTSD, G Herbo has hit up Adam 22’s No Jumper podcast for an extensive conversation on a variety of topics. At the start, Herbo opens up about his own experience with post-traumatic stress disorder and how it tends to affect those who move in his environment and abide by streetlife principles. 

“A lot of people in the streets don’t know how to deal with their emotions,” explains Herbo. “They have to behave a certain way because they have to be in these situations over and over again. They can’t relive moments that happened yesterday, a week ago, a month ago. You just have to have a vision in life. I was in the streets, I knew I could either die or go to jail every time I left the house. I knew in my mind I didn’t want to…I saw myself being more than just that.”

G Herbo PTSD No Jumper

He also opens up about some of the fallen rappers, including both Pop Smoke and his close friend Juice WRLD. “I never met Pop, but I feel like I knew him a lot,” says Herbo, around the twenty-minute mark. “I’ve just been supporting him since I heard him. I felt like I knew him, to be honest. His energy, and to be honest I have friends who from that area. I just fucked with him, he rock with bro & them? He hard. It was about the beats, to be honest.'” Adam muses that he thought Smoke would have been safe moving to Los Angeles, which made his death all the more unexpected. “As a culture, as artists, as young men together, we need to see the reasoning in shit,” says Herbo. “You gotta be calculated out here.”

As the conversation shifts to Juice WRLD, Herbo admits that the young rapper’s death still weighs heavily on him. “That was my real little brother,” says Herbo. “I knew shorty. I knew him. Shit is real. PTSD is…

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