Steph Curry's Return To Warriors' Line-Up Delayed

Stephen Curry’s return to the Golden State Warriors has been pushed back from this weekend until “sometime in March,” according to ESPN.

Steph Curry, Hand, WarriorsEzra Shaw / Getty Images

Head coach Steve Kerr explained the decision to reporters: “He put up a little bit of a fight but also understood why we wanted to take extra precaution.” He went on to say that the choice was not out of fear for reinjury, but to fit in extra conditioning.

“That allows for a more natural, stepping-stone to playing in an NBA game,” Kerr continued. “So I think our training staff was more comfortable with that, coaching staff was more comfortable with that. Steph wanted to play, but we’re just going to take the precautionary step and give him a little more prep.”

The all-star point guard broke his hand against the Phoenix Suns on Oct. 30. In addition to Klay Thompson missing the entire 2019-20 season with a…

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