Matt Barnes Claims Anansa Sims Wants $15K Per Month In Child Support

It’s another bit of relationship drama for Matt Barnes now that he’s split from Anansa Sims. The former couple were together for two years and welcomed their son, Ashton Joseph, into the world back in December 2018. Initially, reports stated that Matt and Anansa have decided that moving forward as co-parents outside of a romantic relationship would be best for them, but now that they’ve taken their grievances to social media, things have turned ugly.

Matt Barnes Anansa Sims Breakup

Matt previously accused Anansa of keeping him from seeing Ashton, but she retorted that the accusation wasn’t true. She posted screenshots of an alleged conversation with Matt where she makes plans for them to see their son. Anansa also has three other children with former Atlanta Falcons player David Patterson.

“But one thing I’ll never figure out is, how you get $1,100 for three kids who are eight, seven, and five, and you want $15,000 for a 14-month-old,” Matt said in a video he shared online. He added that Anansa and her mother are making accusations about him because they believe it will help them get more money from the court.

“This is just a money play,” said Matt. “Just like the restraining order is a money play. She fears for her life. The fact of the matter is, we just didn’t work. I wasn’t happy. I tried to make it work, it didn’t work. So now, instead of being hurt…

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