JR Smith Makes Head-Scratching Claim About His Abilities

JR Smith has been an interesting character, to as the least, over the last few seasons. His funny celebrations, bizarre antics, and head-scratching plays continue to entertain fans while also becoming internet memes. Unfortunately for Smith, the play people will remember him for is running out the clock of Game 1 of the NBA Finals when the score was tied. Since the Cleveland Cavaliers have released him and now, he’s looking to make a comeback and eventually play for a new team. 

Recently, Smith was on Instagram where he began to answer fan questions. At one point, Smith claimed that he is motivated to make a comeback because he is “better than 85% of the players on the court.”

Of course, these comments were met with some pushback. Smith is a fine player when he wants to be but his shooting is way too inconsistent and his basketball IQ is suspect at times. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be…

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