Gordon Hayward Had Jazz Fans In Their Feelings Last Night

Gordon Hayward meant a lot to Utah Jazz fans just a few years ago. He was the number one option on a team that wasn’t going anywhere except for some first-round exits. Eventually, Hayward realized that he needed a change of scenery and signed with the Boston Celtics in 2017. His time with the Celtics has been a rollercoaster as it all started with a devastating leg injury and then some chemistry issues with none other than Kyrie Irving. Now, Hayward and the Celtics are thriving and last night, they played the Jazz in Utah.

The Celtics eventually beat the Jazz 114-103 although the real story was the crowd and their reactions to Hayward. Every single time he touched the ball, the fans booed to almost an annoying degree. Players have left teams in free agency before and they’re typically met with hostility. Regardless, it seems like Jazz fans brought some real scorned-ex energy to the game.

Jazz fans have gotten in trouble…

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