Pop Smoke's Dembow Collab Snippet With El Alfa Surfaces

The death of Pop Smoke is still hard to grasp. At 20-years-old, he was bringing back a feeling to New York City that’s been gone for a while. Although he came in the game with the sounds of drill, there was undoubtedly much more he had to offer. He showcased his bars in the past, proving that his skill set as an MC is far deeper than what he lets on. More than that, he was just getting started in his career and there wasn’t a doubt that he wouldn’t have had the summer of 2019 on smash.

Pop Smoke is obviously from New York City, a city with a large Dominican population. That being said, the idea of Pop Smoke doing a dembow song would undoubtedly have New York City lit. Following the passing of the rapper, many artists came forward to pay tribute including El Alfa who revealed that he and Pop Smoke had a song in the cut. Taking to Instagram, he shared a short snippet of a verse sent from Pop Smoke who sounds like he’s rapping in Spanish. Many people speculated that Pop Smoke was slated to appear on the “Coronao Now” remix.

Just a little…

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