Philipp Plein Faces Backlash For Kobe Tribute That Included A Golden Helicopter

Designer Philipp Plein is coming under fire for a Kobe Bryant tribute during his Milan Fashion Week show on Saturday, which many are calling distasteful.

Philipp Plein, Kobe Bryant, Milan Fashion Week
Matthias Nareyek / Getty Images

According to Complex, the show included a golden Plein-branded plane, yacht, and helicopter on stage, as well as Lakers-style jerseys and sweatshirts covered in crystals. Many viewers felt that the demonstration was a cheap attempt to sell his clothing line. Tyga performed during the event that featured Olivia Culpo and Jada Pinkett Smith as models.

Check out some of what Twitter had to say about the event below:

“Philipp Plein made two gold helicopters for his show today, which falls 27 days after Kobe died in a helicopter crash. BUT DONT WORRY he whipped up a bunch of Swarovski Kobe jerseys (with “Plein” written on them??) so it’s cool. Fuck you, Philipp,” said one user.

Another added, “Distasteful, tacky & material waste. Philipp Plein who has so long been making clothing that adds nothing but clutter to the fashion landscape has…

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