Amber Rose's Forehead Tattoo Receives Hilarious Analysis From Desus & Mero

Amber Rose has always been heavily tatted, but until her recent addition, her buzzed head had remained an area of exception. Last week, she unveiled her new forehead markings – her two sons’ names, Bash (Sebastian) and Slash, written in fancy calligraphy. The onomatopoeias span the space across her hairline and they have drawn some disapproval from the public.

Good thing is… the public’s opinion doesn’t matter! Following the criticism, Amber took to Instagram to defend her choice, explaining that the people who have anything bad to say aren’t the people she’s concerned with pleasing. “For the people that are telling me I’m too pretty for a face tat are the same people that would tell me that I’m ‘too pretty’ even if they thought I was ugly and lie to me lol or they would just tell me I’m ugly,” she wrote. “So either way the moral of the story is do whatever the fuck you want in life.” She also shared her reasoning behind getting the tattoo, which might help some haters appreciate her perspective. On One On One With Keyshia Cole, she said that Kobe Bryant’s passing inspired her to live her life to the fullest and get the tattoo she has wanted for a while. 

Now that we have moved past the initial shock and ditched any harsh judgment (hopefully), we can now enjoy Desus & Mero’s commentary on the topic. On their late-night talk show, the comedians were asked to voice their opinions on Rose’s tat and they mostly expressed support, aside from a few quips. “She could’ve just grown baby hair? She didn’t have to do all that,” observed Desus, referring the squiggles of the font. He then raised the point that if the…

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