T.I. Challenges Democratic Party To Explain Graphic Police Brutality Video

T.I. has often used his social media platform to highlight social injustice, and today the multi-talented mogul has drawn attention to a disturbing graphic incident of police brutality. A four-minute clip reveals footage of a handcuffed man being swarmed by multiple officers, with one appearing to strike the man’s head and face nine consecutive times. After imploring the incapacitated man to turn over, a request made physically impossible by the officer’s domineering position, he strikes the man two more times.

T.I. Police Brutality

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

As the injured man cries out, more police officers begin to pile onto the scene. Onlookers can be heard commenting that the man is “foaming at the mouth,” with one speculating that he’s having a seizure. Before long there are ten officers involved, many of whom appear to be assisting the restraining process, despite the man clearly being out of commission. The disturbing and excessive nature of the clip led Tip to tag and challenge four Democratic candidates — Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg — to explain how these types of situations might be avoided.

“This is how you apprehend a black man in America???” asks Tip. “But a Caucasian mass murderer…

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