Dave Chappelle Not Involved In Shooting Near Ohio Home

Dave Chappelle has been confirmed to have had no connection to the fatal shooting that occurred near his family home in Ohio on Wednesday morning. After it was reported that a fatal shooting resulting in multiple deaths had taken place on Wednesday at roughly 11 a.m. near Yellow Springs, Ohio, where Chappelle lives with his wife and three kids, rumours began circulating that the comedian was somehow involved in the incident.

However, the Greene County Sheriff’s office has confirmed that the shooting did not take place at his residence, and that he and his family are alright. Chappelle’s rep, Carla Sims, also squashed the rumours, indicating that, “it did not happen at Dave’s home” and that “he’s fine.” She also noted that he was actually in London at the time of the incident.

Dave Chappelle...

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