Summer Walker Shaves Her Head

Summer Walker is on her “no hair, don’t care” energy. The rising R&B songstress has been having a moment over the last twelve months, breaking out and becoming a favorite for many because of her unorthodox approach to the genre. She represents a different ideal than what we’ve become used to from women in rhythm & blues, flexing a more rugged look with her face tattoos and being open and honest about her struggle with social anxiety. Summer Walker is anti-fame, but yet she’s extremely famous. She often does things to challenge our idea of celebrity and, while it would be a stretch to say that’s what she’s doing here, some may consider it as such.

Leon Bennett/Getty Images

Her biggest critics will compare this moment to Britney Spears’ infamous head-shaving incident from more than a decade ago but, in reality, Summer Walker is likely just trying to start off her hair journey from scratch. After Hair Love‘s celebrated win at last night’s Academy Awards, the singer decided to take out the buzzer, shaving her head for the eleventh time and opting for a very short look. Of course, wigs exist so there’s a good chance we won’t…

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