Student Allegedly Suspended For Playing PornHub Theme Song At Talent Show

You’ve heard the theme song but it’s not often that you hear it outside of the confinement of your home (unless you’re a freak). The PornHub theme music is probably more familiar to most than they’d like to admit but apparently, a whole auditorium of students and teachers simultaneously revealed their watching habits during a school talent show.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As the Daily Dot pointed out, a tweet has been circulating online today claiming a student was suspended from school after performing the three-second theme music from PornHub during a school talent show. Apparently, he played the PornHub community intro on the drums which reportedly had students cheering and laughing simultaneously. The comment section of his alleged Instagram page is filled with comments dubbing him a legend.

Rumors are now circulating that he has since been suspended from the school, although there hasn’t been any actual confirmation that this is true. Nonetheless, this sparked a hashtag that you’d typically only see when a rapper gets…

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