DJ Premier Shares Unreleased Guru Freestyle

There is only one, Keith Edward Elam, AKA, Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal, better know simply as Guru. The Boston-bred emcee originally conceptualized the collective known as Gang Starr alongside DJ 1 2 B-Down and a group of producers before leaving the co-op and teaming up with DJ Premier. The “Mass Appeal” rapper recruited the now-world renowned producer after receiving an instrumental tape from the Houston-based disc jockey and created one of the most notorious hip-hop group legacies in the culture’s history. Now, following the death of the legendary rapper, DJ Premier has helped conduct the release of Gang Starr’s seventh and final album, One of the Best Yet (2019). And in commemoration of his friend and collaborator, DJ Premier debuted unreleased footage of the hip-hop pioneer freestyling early this weekend. 

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

During the short clip, Guru can be seen in the zone as he aggressively delivers his bars flawlessly, stating:

“Don’t base my whole life on loot
But money sure helps, I keep it tight like army boots
To ensure wealth, I used to hang with the older dudes
So I know the rules, notice how these fools talk mics but can’t hold the tools
My struggle is hard, the jungle is large
My man’s locked in the belly, probably walking the yard
I meet suckas every day that rhyme, they say they rhyme
Most of them are corny as hell won’t get paid a dime”

Ultimately, part of this freestyle ended…

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