Azriel Clary Planning YouTube Series, Working On Music, & Helping Abused Women

Azriel Clary has been reclaiming her life bit by bit over that last few months. The 21-year-old was living in obscurity not long ago, but after her former beau R. Kelly was arrested on these last string of federal charges, both Azriel and Kelly’s other girlfriend Joycelyn Savage have become celebrities in their own right. 

The pair were featured during Kelly’s infamous interview with Gayle King as the two young women defended the music icon. They claimed that they were never the subject of any abuse and they weren’t being held against their will, and while Joycelyn has continued to stand by her man as he remains behind bars, Azriel has chosen a different route.

Since reuniting with her family—loved ones who made repeated public pleas for her safe return—Azriel sat down for her first one-on-one interview. She accused Kelly of domestic violence and alleged that he forces women to sign contracts stating that they did heinous crimes that didn’t commit. 

This is said to be just the tip of the iceberg for the revelations to come from Azriel, and according to a report by TMZ, she’s also planning on involving herself in advocacy. The outlet states that Azriel hopes to help young people who feel trapped in abusive relationships, specifically women of color. It’s believed that…

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