Drake & Future Praised As Toxic Kings For New Song "Desires"

We were expecting Lil Wayne to release his new album Funeral last night but we did not anticipate waking up to some brand new music from Drake and Future. Mere weeks following the release of their collaborative single “Life Is Good,” the ultra-potent duo has returned with a brand new leak, quietly distributing “Desires” via the OVO SoundCloud and letting the head honcho do some very minor promotion on social media. Now that fans have had the chance to consume the new joint for a few hours, reactions are pouring in across the internet with people hailing the duo as “toxic kings.” 

“Drake and Future really get on tracks and try to out toxic each other, I love it,” wrote one fan of the new song on Twitter, which echoes a sentiment felt by nearly all of its listeners. If you dissect the content being presented by Drake and Future on the fresh record, the two are seriously flexing by saying they would move a girl out to “the sticks” where nobody could find her. However, if that ain’t the most insecure and anxiety-inducing thing you’ve ever heard, we’ve got a problem.

People are loving the song thus far but, as far as the lyrics go, Drake and Future are being praised as leaders of the real-life toxic movement. Hopefully, this leak brings us closer to the arrival of a WATTBA sequel. What do you think of “Desires”?

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