T.I. Tells Snoop Dogg Why He Brought Family Life To Reality TV

The latest in a slew of fantastic interviews on GGN, Snoop Dogg recently hosted T.I. for an extensive conversation on the culture. Finding common ground in their shared experience navigating the dope game, the conversation shifts to the importance of mentorship in hip-hop. “When I first came in I didn’t really have anybody to look to for guidance,” reflects Tip. “It wasn’t until later on in my career when I was introduced to people like you and Jay and Puff. As far as from Atlanta, everybody was so caught up in doing their own thing — rightfully so– wasn’t no time for turning back and teaching or nothing.” 

“I say I take my losses like I take my wins,” says Snoop, a few minutes later. “Every loss I took made me better and prepared me for the win. Sometimes when I win it’s a loss, because I think I did it right. I think I perfected it. But in every win there’s something I did wrong. So you gotta know how to take your losses.” 

Mark Davis/Getty Images

He proceeds to ask T.I. about the decision to broadcast his “Family Hustle” for the world to see. “You inspire my family to want to stay together, to want to be together,” gushes Snoop, prompting a proud laugh from Tip. “I was in prison,” recalls Tip. “I was noticing that every time something was reported about me or written about me always reflected back to one or two isolated moments. So I felt like it was because I haven’t given them enough. The plan was to show how diverse my lifestyle was. How much of a family man, a businessman I am. I was all these things.”

“In doing so, we found out the kids was stars,” laughs Tip. “They didn’t find their voice until the cameras came on. It’s…

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