Donald Trump Fires Shots At Barack Obama Amidst Impeachment Trial

With the year’s early events already spawning talk of WWIII, pandemics, and more political intrigue than ever before, one has to wonder if 2020 will spell a year of unparalleled antics on a global scale. As of this week, President Donald Trump has been at the center of a historic impeachment trial, which finds the Democrats building a case as to why Trump should be removed from office. All this before the next election in 2020, leaving the President’s fate as Commander In Chief uncertain.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images 

And still he tweets. By now, it’s no secret that Trump is not one to let a grudge fall by the wayside. Especially not one that rallies up his loyal base like no other. In the midst of all the tumult, the President took some time to fire shots at his old pal Barack Obama, making it clear that he still wants the smoke after all these years.

Naturally, the diversionary tweet served its purpose in sparking a heated discussion between his haters and his supporters, a feud that will likely continue to heat up as the election…

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