Nene Leakes Responds After Wendy Williams Shares Her Private Text With Studio Audience

Wendy Williams and NeNe Leakes only recently squashed their long-standing beef. However, ever since Wendy shared private text messages she received from NeNe to her live studio audience, it looks as though the two women are back to being not on the best of terms. The drama kicked off when Wendy discussed on her show that NeNe was leaving Real Housewives of Atlanta after she got a text from her saying so.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images 

After the news was revealed, NeNe’s team followed up denying that such a move was happening. “It’s been an especially difficult couple of weeks for Nene, and she was venting to her friend in private correspondence. Nothing has been confirmed or officially decided for next season,” NeNe’s representative said of the situation. 

Now that the rumour has been squashed, NeNe has come through with some words of her own, clearly not pleased with Wendy’s gossip moves. “Private conversations should be left in private! What are girlfriends for if you can’t vent to them on those type of days,” she shared on Twitter.