Gunman Leaves 2 Dead, 5 Injured After San Antonio Concert Shooting

Two are dead and five are injured after a mass shooting at a local hip-hop concert in San Antonio on Sunday. The event took place at Ventura bar in the evening. According to ABC News, police were made aware of a shooting and immediately made their way to the scene of the crime. Police Chief William McManus is saying that the shooting was a direct result of a dispute between two customers at the bar. Two men were in an argument and that’s when one of them allegedly pulled out a gun and started firing. Police have yet to find the suspect.

“We’re working on that,” McManus said. “I’m confident that we will identify the individual and have that person in custody sooner than later.”

The concert featured various young hip-hop acts in the San Antonio area. This shooting came as a surprise to all of them as one of the main acts, RUZ, took to Twitter to condemn the shooter.

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