Tamar Braxton's Boyfriend, David Adefeso, Tackling Student Loan Crisis With App

Just yesterday, CNN reported that student loan debt in the United States had reached a staggering $1.6 trillion. This is evidently a crisis that must be tackled. Fortunately, there are people, like David Adefeso, who are searching for a way to relieve Americans of this burden. Adefeso is known by many for being Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend, but he also deserves recognition for his app, Sootchy, which is set to launch this year. According to its website, Sootchy “combined AI-enhanced financial planning, the power of community and tax efficient incentives to remove the need for student loans.

In his latest Instagram post, which shows him photographed with two of his colleagues, Adefeso explains his motivation behind founding Sootchy. The caption reads: 

“When I graduated from Harvard Business School I had student loans equal in size to a mid-sized mortgage in the average American city! 46 million Americans are in that same predicament today. And 150 million more children over the next 18 years will have their life’s choices limited due to the overwhelming burden of student loans. We look forward to working with the hardworking and diligent state treasurers at nast.org and the terrific and dedicated team at @collegesavingsfoundation to help these 190 million kids and adults avoid or eliminate student debt.”