Michael Avenatti Arrested For Allegedly Violating Pretrial Release Conditions

Michael Avenatti might be championed for his fight against Trump and R. Kelly but he has his own legal issues that he’s dealing with. In the midst of being heralded for his legal work, he was arrested on embezzlement charges but was later out of jail on pretrial release conditions. According to NBC, he’s now locked up again because he violated those conditions.

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

The IRS reportedly arrested Avenatti, a federal prosecutor confirmed. The details of his arrest haven’t been revealed and court documents are currently sealed. Avenatti will appear in court today in Santa Ana.

“It’s my understanding it has something to do with a bail violation, but I don’t have the warrant,” H. Dean Steward, Avenatti’s lawyer, said about the arrest. “Exactly what the details are I don’t know. But I’m almost positive it has something to do with finances,” Steward added. He revealed Avenatti owes millions of dollars from civil judgments. Steward revealed that there’s a…

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