Kobe Bryant Admits He Was "Pissed" He Never Caught Michael Jordan's 6 Titles

Kobe Bryant’s appearance on the “All The Smoke” podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson resulted in a number of anecdotes about the Black Mamba’s life and career, including the “Kill List” he had at age 13 and the way he mentally attacked his opponents.

Additionally, Kobe peeled back the curtain on his relationship with Michael Jordan, and admitted to being “pissed off” that he never matched MJ’s six NBA championships.

Elsa/Getty Images

When Barnes, who played alongside Kobe for two seasons in L.A., brought up how Kobe always dreamed of ‘sitting at the table’ with MJ, Kobe quickly replied, “Oh, it pissed me off.” In fact, Kobe revealed that his goal was to win eight NBA titles when he entered the league – sadly he had to settle for five.

The Black Mamba also shed some light on how he and Jordan are “really different.” Says Kobe, “He’ll compete with any and everything. I wont, I only compete with things that I really am good at.” He also touched on some of his private conversations with Jordan, including how His Airness brought up the hypothetical matchup between his ’91 Bulls team and the 2003 Lakers.

Check out that clip embedded below, and scroll to the 27:50 mark…

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