Fetty Wap Recalls Writing "Trap Queen" While Freezing & "Sitting On The Floor"

Some of our favorite hits were penned in the strangest of circumstances, and Fetty Wap is ready to share how he came up with his 2014 chart-topper, “Trap Queen.” The song put the New Jersey native on the map and carved out a lucrative career for the rapper, and recently he caught up with Billboard for their How It Went Down series to share the circumstances surrounding the single’s creation.

Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

According to Fetty, it was a freezing day in the winter when he began writing the track. “We didn’t really have much furniture in the house, and I was sitting on the floor and I was going through this website called SoundClick.com,” the rapper shared. It was there that he found a beat that captured his attention. “I was just thinking about everything I was going through,” he added, “So I just put it all in a song.”

“It started off with me talkin’ to my girl,” Fetty said before delivering the song’s introductory lines with a laugh. “That’s how it started. She walked in the house and that’s how it started.” After letting his friend hear him rap the song over the beat in-person, they set Fetty up with a recording session the following week. He admitted that “Trap Queen” was “originally just supposed to be a verse and a hook and that’s all I had. I didn’t really have too much left” because he didn’t know how to write a song back then.

“I love the original one more than…

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