Dr. Phil Puts $5.75 Mil Mansion Up For Sale & The Bizarre Interior Boggles The Internet

The internet was all in a tizzy yesterday following the Los Angeles Times‘s report about Dr. Phil. The psychologist’s L.A. mansion has been listed for sale, and when photos of the property circulated throughout social media, it gave the public pause. The Oklahoma-born, Texas-raised television host has been dishing out advice to thousands of people for nearly 20 years on his acclaimed daytime series and the bizarre decor of the luxury home was a far cry from what people expected to see.

Vince Bucci / Stringer / Getty Images

To begin, the $5.75 million home is listed as being sold by Phil McGraw, but according to reports, it’s been occupied by Dr. Phil’s son, Jordan McGraw. The 34-year-old’s eclectic style can be seen in the images, from a snake-laden staircase to the dining area with a wall filled with rifles. The avant-garde artwork features peculiar pieces of bunnies and bears, and we’re pretty sure that there is wall art that just says the word “f*ck.” The wooden drum-style stools are there to relax on at the home’s main bar while the lion head-legged pool table is on the second floor.

A representative for the family shared with the L.A. Times that Dr. Phil has never occupied the home. The 6,170-square-foot interior is just but a pinch of the land, as there is a half-acre of outdoor luxuries that have yet to be seen. Check out a few of the photos, as well as reaction to the images, below.