Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Announce "Bandana" Instrumental Album

Freddie Gibbs and Madlib have established themselves as one of hip-hop’s most trusted pairings, having joined forces for not one but two classic albums. In fact, last year’s Bandana was strong enough to be deemed our official album of the year, a masterful body of work from the collaborators. And while many were stricken by Gibbs’ magnificent lyricism and passionate delivery, Madlib’s work as the chief producer should not go undervalued. In case you need a reminder, the pair have you covered on that front.

Brad Barket/Getty Images 

On January 31st, Freddie and Madlib will be dropping off the official instrumental version of Bandana, appropriately titled Bandana Beats. Though the alternate variant won’t feature any new music, it will feature an updated take on the album cover — take a look at that below. Should you be interested in making a pre-order, you can head over to this link here. 

In the meantime, where do you…

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